Nov 132019
5 Awesome Photography Facts

If you are looking for some interesting facts about photography, look no further than our photography facts.

We have 5 of them crammed into one article.

1. The First Color Photograph Was Taken in 1861

The world’s first color image was the result of layering three separate images of red, green and blue filters. These were then projected onto a photosensitive plate with the corresponding filters.

It was Thomas Sutton who suggested this process. This photographer and inventor created the first SLR camera around the same time as the color image.

He was also the one who developed the earliest panoramic camera with a wide-angle lens in 1859. We owe a lot to him.

2. The World’s Most Expensive Photograph Sold For $4.3 Million

The world’s most expensive photograph, Rhein II, was captured by Andreas Gursky in 1999. In 2011, 12 years later, it sold for an incredible $4,338,500 at auction.

It is still the most expensive image, even though Peter Lik boasts to have sold an image for over $7 Million. There is no proof of this action though, as the seller wanted to remain anonymous.

3. The First Photography Paper Was Made Out of Asphalt

Well, it wasn’t made from the same stuff we make roads and pavements from. It was, however, made into varnish and applied to copper or glass plates.

The asphalt, commonly known as Bitumen, was a black viscous liquid that was light-sensitive.

4. The Most Viewed Photograph in History

It might go without saying, but the most viewed photograph is the default wallpaper for Windows XP. The image named ‘Bliss”, captured by Charles O’Rear in 1996.

He didn’t make as much money as you would imagine. Microsoft bought the image from the stock website Corbis.

5. Which Side of Our Face Looks Better in Photographs

Apparently, the left side of our faces looks better in photographs than the right side. A study conducted by Kelsey Blackburn and James Schrillo from Wake Forest University confirms this.

Their study shows that due to the left sides of our faces exhibiting a greater intensity of emotion, we perceive it as being more attractive.


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